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Jr. Apprentice Training Program 


This program can create great self-esteem in the shy child or foster a new career.  We can facilitate after school or weekend training.  The child that loves to teach your dog all those tricks would love this as a special gift.  This service can be one-on-one or done with your small group.  If your child aspires to be a dog trainer, then consider indulging them in a bit of fun. 


There are no age limits for this program.  Our trainers are members of North American Police Work Dog Association, and get yearly background checks.  Parents are always welcome to watch children during the program.  This program requires a dog that can be handled by the child and is safe around other children and dogs.  What could be better then training your child and dog at the same time.  


Kids learn how to direct, focus, reward and correct fairly, which can relate to a better understanding of that same natural order in their own home life.  


This is a private treaty service.  Contact us to customize a program for you.

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