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Harold Bennett


Ben has been involved in the Professional training of canines and there handler/owners for more than 45 years.  He began his labor of love in 1968 when he was selected by the Norfolk Police Canine Unit, as a handler.  He served twenty years of his law enforcement career as a handler, supervisor, head trainer, and executive officer before his retirement in 1995.  Although Ben retired from law enforcement he has continued to train and work with canine teams through out the country.  Just a few of his many qualifications are:

The international title of "Diensthundfurhrer" (instructor), by authority of Landespolizeischule fur Diensthundfurhrer (west German Police School).

Served as an adjunct instructor for Shelton College in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Master Trainer and Former President of North American Police Work Dog Association, a national training and certification organization.

Guest instructor for Dogs against drugs/Dogs against crime. A national training organization.

Guest instructor for the International Police Canine Association.

Founder and Master Trainer of the Virginia Police Work Dog Association.

Ben has testified, and been certified, as an expert witness in many states on Police K9 deployment.  He professionally lectures on many aspects of police canine training.  He also emphasizes utilizing drives certain instinct and drives as an asset, selecting the right dog for the task, and how we have altered genetics for our purpose to create the extremes dogs that exist today, many of which are not suited to a pet only lifestyle.  Mr.  Bennett handles all police dog training.

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