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Extreme Sports


Extreme Sports 

Competing with your dog is great fun, and creates a bond through all the training that most people will probably not get to experience.  It is a great way to build on the resume of a dog that is going to be bred.  Breeding is always something that should be taken seriously with all the rescue dogs out there.  So make sure you get all your health certificates and consider allowing us to help you put some titles on your dog to prove your dog is worthy of breeding and set apart from the average dog. 


Below are some examples of where we can provide training, guidance, coaching and titling.  Put it to use for fun or real life work.  We can show you how they can be helpful on a daily basis, such as being a asset on the farm.  In the end when dogs are having fun and properly stimulated for their breed and nature, then your dog is happier.  And when our dogs our happy, then we are happy.  Not to mention the old saying that is totally true, “A tired dog is a good dog”.



Weight Pulling (IWPA, all breeds and mix breeds):

This is one of the ultimate challenges in canine strength and conditioning that is similar to weight conditioning. Compete for working titles and personal accomplishment. It is a unique sport that only works with a close relationship between handler and dog. Titles are given by International Weight Pulling Association, allowing any breed and mix breeds to compete. UKC followed by offering this sport as well.  How well your dog does will depend on the bond with your dog and the conditioning you achieve.  This is a unique sports that can be valuable on the farm or around the home.  Use it to pull the kids in the wagon, pull you on your skateboard, or drag something on the farm.    

You can use any one of our programs to get you started.  We suggest the 15-hour program and meeting twice a month.  The 15-hour program should last through approximately six months of training.  Consider sharing the program and time with a friend.  You will be required to purchase a correctly fitted weight pulling harness, which we can help you select.  You will also need to purchase some training aids that you will be using on a daily basis.  You can borrow our equipment to start and we will provide you with a list of what you will need at your first class.  

Lure Coursing (ASFA & AKC) or all breeds for fun:

Lure Coursing was traditionally a Sight Hound sport but is now open to all dogs through AKC, and also supported by ASFA.  If your dog loves to chase anything that moves fast, then Lure Coursing might be for you.  It is a great sport for ALL dogs with a great prey drive. It provides a primal outlet for your dog to hunt by sight. This is achieved by a pulley system set up with a line on the ground and a white plastic bag attached to it. It zips along the ground extremely fast, but is kept just ahead of the dog, which stimulates the dog to chase it as prey.  This too takes a lot of running and endurance conditioning, as the courses are usually pretty long, especially for sight hounds. 
We will assist you in building your dogs prey drive and your confidence in your dog before you undergo real world lure coursing, even in practice.  Many fail because they don’t start with this before going right into coursing; consequently, the dogs become over-stimulated and fearful, and they retreat.  They leave with a bad memory and don’t do well from there.  We have developed a technique to help your dog in the right direction before you start officially coursing.   


Scent Work: 

Many aspects of scent work can be extreme.  

  • Barn Hunt - Utilized the great almost uncontrollable prey drive some dogs have for hunting and conditioning for weather.

  • K9 Nose Work – This sport can be intense depending on the dog’s drive.

  • Search Dog – Any kind of work where your dog is searching for humans, pets or evidence is intense and takes a lot of training and conditioning.


The program fee is paid in advance and the program time is used as needed. 

A travel fee of $15 per 15 minutes of travel (round trip) will be charged for in home services.



Contact Us to setup a consultation and learn more about extreme sports.


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