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Canine Legal Consultation


Our canine experts offer legal consulting for attorneys in civil cases and criminal cases and consulting services for judges, arbitrators and attorneys.


What our experts can do for you:


We offer expert witness testimony and consulting services in cases where canine behavior is an issue. Our team can assist in formulating questions for witnesses, victims, suspects, and owners about the behavior of the dog(s) in question, the natural drives and natural instincts of dogs, behavioral tendencies, and motivations for the behavior of dogs.  We are able to perform a behavioral evaluation or assessment of the dog(s) in question, provide an opinion brief regarding the aggressive nature of a particular dog, whether or not the owners may have, or should have known about the dog’s nature, and whether or not an injury was foreseeable. 


Additional expertise in:
 -Law enforcement procedures, training, and deployment of K9 Teams


We cannot make official statements or give testimony that would indicate any canine breed is inherently dangerous or vicious based on breed alone. 


Legal Fees
Fees are specific to the needs of the case.  For our fees please email and let us know where you are in the case and what is needed.  We will send you a break down of fees.

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