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Group Classes


Group Classes are a great way to save money if you need to learn the basics for your family pet.  However typical large group classes do little good in helping you and your dog as an individual and educating owners on aspects of dog ownership that are part of everyday life.  Most group classes are with lesser experienced trainers, and some have nearly no experience, usually training by a set of rules in a book for commands and training techniques, that are not deviated from even if they do not work for your dog. 


I do offer group classes but no more then four handlers, and is set up by special request only.  My training for each handler and dog is based on their personal needs and not a set standards for a group of different dogs and people.           


The course is six weeks and each class is 1.5 hours.  So time for training, fun play and education.  Dog must be 4 months old, be social to humans and dogs, no in season females, dog must not have any heath issues and have a negative fecal check.  Some equipment will be required for training.

Due to COVID this class will need to be set up with handlers that come together to make this class happen.  This might be four friends, or family members that have several dogs, etc.  Day and time will be chosen among the handlers and trainer.  This could be days, nights, weekdays or weekend days.  This is a private Group Class that will be more personal then normal group classes.  Class fee is $250 per handler.  This class is suitable for kids, and service dog work.  Training will be in our local environment, which is where we take our dogs.    


Contact Us to learn more.

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