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Scent Work &

Search and Rescue



  • K9 Search and Rescue (air scent, scent specific)

  • Service Dog Scent Work (for uses in dementia and wandering issues)

  • K9 SAR unit/section formation and Legal K9 Team Development

  • Pet Search K9 Training

  • K9 Detection Work

      -Human Remains
      -Allergy Alert Detection
      -Barn Hunt (rat hunt)
      -K9 Nose Works (imprinting, Odor Recognition, search work)
      -Scent specific article/evidence search






Kim has extensive training in scent work of all types.  She was the first to bring these hard to find SAR scent disciplines in Hampton Roads to the public and remains the only trainer with national SAR certifications to do so. Some of the ways she can help you are:


  • Current SAR teams needing advancements in basic scent work, advanced scent work such as car trails, remedial help, trouble-shooting problems, help certifying, and more.

  • Owners wishing to work independent in SAR without the timelines/politics of SAR units

  • Owners wishing to put “real” working dog scent titles on show and breeding dogs.
  • Owners just wanting to see what scent work or search and rescue is like

  • Current unit assessments, training, and unit formation with SOPs

  • Pet Search K9 team training

  • Service Dog scent work for finding family members that bolt or wander   


Search and rescue can be a very complicated field no matter what state you live in.  If you are considering getting into this field, we highly recommend you consider a consult first.  We will tell you up front both the challenges and rewards of this field.  This can save you a lot of time and money in knowing a direction.  There are many venues for certification, and each team will be assessed as an individual to choose the best option.  Reasons to consider Kim Willis and Kustom K9 Training for your SAR and scent needs:


  • National scent certifications in Area Search (air scent), Man Trailing (scent specific), Tracking (scent specific), Article Search (detection), and Obedience, also time training in water and land human remains (detection) 

  • Handler and Incident Command certifications

  • Has formed a K9 unit, and two K9 sections within units including SOPs

  • Kim trained and certified 7 of her own dogs and cross-trained in multiple scent disciplines.

  • Trained four other teams to certification 

  • Barn Hunt titles on her own dog and trained two other teams to titles

  • Human Remains dog trained to certification level land and water

  • Many Article Search titles with dogs trained in advanced use for scent specific item and evidence search

  • Kim has 42 successful titles and certifications in scent work      


 Contact Us to setup a consultation and learn more about search and rescue and scent training.

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