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Dog, Horse, and Farm


  • Equine and livestock relationship with farm dogs

  • Modify canine behavior on the farm... and around or towards livestock and poultry

  • Farm rules and boundaries

  • Direct relationship with specific animals in the home or on the farm

  • Livestock guardian work



  • Basic Manners

  • How to give to pressure

  • Lunging for respect, manners, and exercise

  • Behavior modification

  • Relationship with dogs or horses

  • Equine management and proper Care



  • Barn and stall dynamics, care and maintenance

  • Pasture dynamics, care, and rotation

  • Fencing selecting, location, cross fencing locations

  • Necessary equipment


Kim is also an equine professional with a rich and long horse background. Her love is also in extreme equine sports, conditioning, and equine management and husbandry. She commonly puts her love of both horses and dogs together to create wonderful, synergistic relationships, where both have their place on the farm with jobs. They all know they are part of the pack and the herd. When Kim works with the relationship of dogs and horses, she looks at behavioral responses of both species and modifies as necessary. She feels there is nothing more wonderful then seeing harmony among the animals on the farm.


She is additionally able to assist in farm design/dynamics so they flow throughout the day for all animals and humans, such as shortening the time of chores and ensuring horses are not standing in mud all day.


Those new to horse care will take it for granted and assume it will be easy or you can go as you learn. This is far from the truth, and many horse owners lose their horses to deaths that could have been avoided, or they end up getting rid of the horses because they become too hard to take care of. I can make this care flow easy, and assist new owners in not making many of the same common mistakes. I save owners thousands of dollars over what they pay for this program. If you know how to rotate pastures you save on hay cost. If you know how to do a proper stall you save on bedding. If you know how to compost you make our own garden soil. There are natural sprays for fly control, and how to not kill your

horses with kindness. Yes they are our pets, but you can harm a horse very easily, even more so than with dogs.


Kim can assist you before you get the horse so you're ready and you won’t make all those mistakes other new owners make. Prepare yourself and enjoy that horse. Add in your dog to the equation and you have harmony. Do you have problems with your dog wanting to kill your chickens, bite your horses, chase your barn cats, herd the cows at the wrong time, etc.?  Would you like your dog to guard your livestock, not chase it? Or how about teaching your dog to be a farm courier. Saving time going to and farm, the house, and the barn.


Sadly I find a lot of farm owners underestimate the value of added training for a farm dog.  it can be very costly to not properly train farm dogs.  Having dogs work or relate to the animals around them on a farm is of utmost importance.  Dogs, horses and live stock can live in harmony and coexist as a family.  Once harmony is established, advance training in herding, droving, holding, retrieving and courier work will surely result in a productive and proud group.


Contact us to setup a consultation and learn more about horse, dog and farm services.


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