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Boot Camps and Boarding


The program was originally designed for puppies, young and old, and young adult dog, but we quickly discovered that it was very successful with dogs of all ages. Only one to two boot camps are taken at a time, and only if they complement each other’s training needs.  Boot Camp program is very structured, where the board and light train and regular board for my clients are less intensive.  While here dogs work in many aspects that will enhance their lives at home including:

  • Learning pack structure and perfecting manners

  • Stop obsessive behaviors

  • Controlled retrieve

  • How to respectfully greet dogs and humans

  • They learn how to respect the space of humans and old or alpha dogs

  • Understanding how to work for things they want

  • Exercise & mental stimulation

  • All levels of obedience on and off leash and distance commands

  • Focus on the task...

  • And so much more


Contact Us to learn more about our Boot Camp and Boarding services.

A lot goes on in a boot campee’s day.  It is intensive training that is done throughout the day and night and is done when needed for as long as needed.  With the dog living in the house during boot camp, proper house manners are enforced all the time.  We are able to achieve all the basics and get into some advanced work in two weeks.  For dogs with a lot of problems or a owner that wishes the most advanced training, 30 days will be needed, 14 days is minimum.  For service dog status 2 to 3 months is needed.   

We will also board our client’s dogs if they get along favorably with my dogs, and we also offer a board and light train for current clients. 


Boarding fee is $75 to $100 a day/date depending on the needs of care of the dog and includes manners and brush up training throughout the day.  There is lots of play, free running around, exercise, and of course treats.  This is a fun camp playing with my dogs and other trainees. 


Board with light train is $100 to $125 per day/date depending on the dogs needs, and includes regular structured scheduled light training along with pack work and other light training elements.  Still includes the fun elements. 


Boot Camp is $125 to $150 per day/date depending on level of training requirements.  This is an intensive program where free and play time is earned and highly scheduled routine that brings about behavior changes.    

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